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[No.1]     Jun/29/2010 23:22:10



En écoutant le chant du coeur,

Entrer dans la profondeur,

Ouvrir l’espace intérieur,

Peindre le chant de la vie.


En créant le silence du coeur,

Chercher la paix,

Ouvrir l’espace du silence,

Peindre la transparence.


En allumant la flamme du coeur,

Brûler le corps et l’âme,

Pénétrer l’espace et le temps,

Et partir jouer dans l’infini…





By listening to the heart’s song,

To enter the deep,

To open the internal space

And paint the song of life.


By creating the heart’s silence,

To search for peace,

To open a space of silence

And paint translucence.


By lighting the heart’s flame,

To consume body and soul,

To penetrate time and space

And play in the Infinite ….




À la recherche de la lumière:


Vider son coeur,

Marcher vers le centre de l’univers.

Au centre du vide,

Personne, rien.

Par le chemin qui va vers l’intérieur,

Par le chemin de l’éveil du coeur,

Les obscurités se dissipent,

Le chemin lumineux commence à s’ouvrir.

Sur le chemin où l’on entend battre le coeur de l’univers,

Où toutes les cellules s’éveillent,

Lancer des graines de lumière sur le ciel et la terre.





In Search Of Light


Empty one’s heart,

Walk to the center of the universe.

In the heart of the Void,

No one, nothing.

On the path which goes inward,

On the path of the heart’s awakening,

Darkness dissipates,

The luminous path begins to open.

On the path where one hears the heart of the universe beating,

Where every cell is awake,

Cast the grains of light on Heaven and earth.

Morning dense with the murmur of blood

As light blossoms

In the waiting heart

A smile spreads from each cell


At the tip of bristles brushing specks

Nature exhales the beauty of the world

And in the shimmering threads of reality

The particles lead to the heart of light


On a silent path of light

Scales fall from the eyes

Which become those of a child


Life begins anew


From metamorphosis


Bang Hai Ja




Listening to the heart’s song

Enter the deepness

Open inner space

Paint the song of life


Creating silence

Seek peace

Open space

Paint transparency


Lighting the heart’s flame

Burn body and soul

Penetrate space and time

And soar into infinity


Bang Hai Ja





Beat with the heart of the essential 

See what is most inward emerge and assume meaning


In the motionless moment the throb of silence where light is born

Then be ONE with the universe


Bang Hai Ja




The light filters

Through the shutter

It paints the painting

Bringing me the sun

I paint its light


On the sky of the painting

The light is transformed

Into a twinkling star

The heart smiles

The light paints with my hand

Slips into my heart


We go into the canvas

Celebrating the oneness of things


Bang Hai Ja




With all my heart with all my body

Paint to the music of the song of life

See the colours intermingle

Lines join and dance

See open space appear

The eye of the heart awaken

Then trace the one line

On the infinite sky


Bang Hai Ja






Startle the smile from the heart of matter

Reveal what is within

So that outside a fire dwells

Lift the veil on the invisible

Touch what is holy

Deliver what is already there

The most necessary and the most free

The densest self-concentrate


Bang Hai Ja

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